Welcome to Peritas, the Perth-based structural and civil engineering group. Explore our site to find out more about our consultancy and Peritology, our unique outside-the-box engineering philosophy and multi-disciplinary methodology.


  • Peritas Achieve ISO Compliance  08/10/2016

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  • Female Friendly at Peritas  01/12/2015

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Outside-the-box thinking

Forget engineering-by-numbers. Ours is a dynamic engineering solutions environment. Find out about Peritology, our innovative outside-the-box philosophy and flexible consultancy culture.

Outside-the-box consultancy

We aren't your average consultancy. Learn about our award-winning team's diverse experience and our capabilities, from structural engineering to civil engineering to temporary works and beyond.

Outside-the-box solutions

See what our clients say about our innovative, partnership approach. Or check out our current projects and case studies to see how Peritology can add value to your project.

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