Aubin Grove Train Station


$80 million


Design of modularisation and lifting of train station and overpass modules (110T max), temporary works, bridge condition report


Structural steel modules were lifted using a custom designed structural steel lifting frame and high tensile Macalloy bars.


2 months engineering. Train station modules lifted and installed in 30 hours.


Spacegass, Tekla Structures


Intersection Russell Rd & Kwinana Freeway, Hammond Park.


Peritas was engaged for its innovative thinking applied to temporary works. The builder on this state of the art train station was interested in modularising the station and overpass to minimise site labour costs and freeway shutdown times. Peritas designed a safe and efficeint method of lifting the five train station modules utilising the high tensile properties of macalloy bars and a single lifting frame with common lifting points between the frame and crane. This meant the frame did not need to be put down and rerigged between lifts. All modules were disconnected from the inside, ensuring a safe workplace for the rigging crew. All modules were lifted and installed easily and effectively.