Bunnings Trade Warehouse


$10 Million


Structural & civil design documentation & site supervision.


Hazelmere, WA


The Bunnings Trade store was another warehouse in the long list of projects designed in the Hazelmere precinct by Peritas.

It consisted of a 5,100 m2 warehouse and 28,00m2 of awning which was a continuation of the existing roof and open on 2 sides.

The internal warehouse had only 2 internal columns whilst the awning was clear span. Fibre reinforced slabs were utilised for the warehouse and awning. Around the perimeter of the building, ‘combi’ fibre and mesh reinforced slabs were designed to produce a joint free hardstand slab.

This L-shaped hardstand slab is quite a feat, as it measures approximately 100m along one side and 80m along the other.

Peritas are proud to be apart of yet another successful industrial development in Hazelmere.